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Fiat 500 

£73 click

Seat Leon (hatch)

£94 click

Kia Picanto (5dr)

£107 click 

VW Tiguan (2wd)

£130 click

Kia Optima (Estate)

£137 click

Kia Sportage (SUV)

£149 click

Audi A4 Saloon 

£158 click

Ford Transit Van 

£159 click 

Mercedes A Class

£169 click

Mercedes SLC Roadster (cabriolet)

£209 click 

Landrover Discovery Sport Manual

£211 click 

VW Tiguan (4wd) Auto

£213 click 

Mercedes GLA (SUV) Auto

£218  click 

Audi A6 Saloon

£220 click

Mercedes C250 Saloon Auto

£224 click 

Mercedes CLA Coupe

£249 click

Mercedes GLC (SUV) - Auto

£269 click

Audi A7 Sportback Black edition auto



Audi A6 Avant

£206 click

Mercedes C220d Saloon - Auto

£199 click

Mercedes GLA (SUV)

£199 click 

Mercedes C Class Estate - Auto

£229 click

Audi Q3

£203 click

Landrover Discovery Sport

£211 click 

Audi A5 Sportback

£214 click

Mercedes E Saloon auto



Mercedes SLC Roadster

£219  click

Landrover Evoque 

£279 click

As the managing director of this business, i want to sincerely thank you for stopping by. This is the part where i am supposed to tell you about our business in flowery corporate blurb. Rather than do this, i am going to let our track record speak for itself.

We have been trading for over 12 years with the same company number and yet we do not have not a SINGLE negative review against our business. Why is that? - well quiet frankly we are REALLY good at what we do and we do it in a very unique, customer orientated way. Not convinced yet? Take a look on Linked In, you'll see 40+ testimonials from customers confirming this.   

So how do we add value to you?........

  • We negotiate economies of scale deals (we agree to sell lots of cars) with our partners and then pass these savings onto you, at COST price. 
  • We do all the work for you: We secure the best deal, e mail you the finance paperwork and finally deliver the car to your address of choice (foc). 
  • We do not negotiate or engage in sales games, as cost is cost!  

Our service is as much about saving people TIME, as it is MONEY.

So what type of people & businesses see value in our approach? 

  • Financially successful people - these people recognise "opportunity costs" i.e. the value of their time! They realise that spending a week of their time looking for the best deal, is worth more than the modest fee we charge.   
  • Busy people.
  • People who DO NOT want to negotiate and play silly sales games.
  • People who want the best deal first time. This is done on the understanding that if we fulfill our part of the bargain, they will in turn, buy from us. 
  • People who value a personal interaction and customer service excellence.

So........ if you are one of the types of people or businesses i have mentioned above, then i personally will guarantee your satisfaction. How can i offer this? Well its simple -ask to deal with me personally. Which other managing director does that?    

If you are busy, successful, time strapped or you are simply someone who does NOT want to engage in silly sales games - call us, and we guarantee we will deliver value and a customer centric experience to you.

Conversely if you are the type of person who has two weeks worth of time to shop about for a saving of £2 a month, or you will take our pricing and getting another supplier to better it by £2, then please DON'T call us.We don't "do" time wasting and we will exercise our right NOT to deal with you again.


Our process is risk free!  We only ask for payment once you have been credit approved & we have a car on reserve for you.


We have 12 years trading history, as the same limited company.

After 12 years of trading we do not have a singlle negative review online!


We are Data protection licence holders.
We are FCA approved
  We are vat registered
  We are a limited company
We have more than 20 years experience in the motor trade.
We offer free driven delivery in the UK.
We do not have a single negative review on the internet, after 10 years of trading!
  VisIt Linked in to view over 40 positive reviews of our business. These reviews cannot be "fudged"
  We save you time & money by offering the best price first time. We DO NOT negotiate as this is a waste of your time (and ours!) 
  Have a look at our offers they speak for themselves! Many of these are unique to our business.
  Wholesale pricing does not mean a compromise on service levels. Talk to any of our thousands of customers & they will confirm, they received wholesale pricing & a premium customer service experience.