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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust your business?

  • Our business is more regulated than most franchised dealers!
  • We are a limited company (Company number SC324032)
  • We have been trading as a limited company since 2007.
  • We are VAT Registered (GB 73840207)
  • We are FCA authorised (Number: 679289)
  • We are Data Protection Licence Holders (Number: Z990133X)
  • We have more than 40 Linked In reviews "Conrad Kriel" our MD.
  • These reviews cannot be "fudged"!
  • We have more than 20 years motor trade experience. A large part this experience was gained preparing multi brand tenders for Mercedes Benz West Of Scotland.
  • We know the margins on all cars and vans and thus have the necessary relationships, suppliers and experience to deliver on our promises.

Your company is registered in Scotland but based in Salisbury - why?

  • We lived in Scotland for 10 years and moved to Salisbury in 2012.
  • Registering a new business in England would have meant forming a new company which simply wasn't and still isn't an option.

What's the catch - your pricing is too cheap?

  • There is none!!.
  • We commit to LARGE volume agreements (in short time scales) with various manufacturers.
  • We then use these economies of scale to offer you pricing NO ONE ELSE CAN MATCH!
  • We only sell manufacturer supplied cars, so all our cars come with a full manufacturer warranty We include: driven delivery, road tax for the term (unless otherwise stated on ourwebsite) and service excellence on all our leases.
  • Once you agree to do business with us we will send you a VERY detailed order which will show ALL costs, the car specification & our fees.

What is included in the pricing?

  • Road fund licence for the term (unless otherwise stated)
  • A nominal amount of fuel
  • Driven delivery.

What is not included in the pricing?

  • Our processing fee
  • The finance company document fee
  • Insurance, mats, any type of accessory not mentioned on your order form.
  • Maintenance or free servicing packages unless agreed and put in writing at the time of quotation.

A lot of your wholesale offers are time sensitive & require an immediate agreement. If I miss an offer can I get it the following month?

  • No, no, no.
  • Our wholesale offers are strictly subject to stock availability
  • They are also strictly subject to registration deadlines.
  • We generally agree to batch deals (from 20-100 units)
  • Once the targets have been met and/or all stock has been sold- that's it!
  • Call us one day later and the rate could be as much as £100+vat more per month!
  • This is NOT a retail environment where the dealer tells you to make a decision on the day to qualify for the "deal of a lifetime" You return the following day and they honour the deal.
  • In the wholesale environment if you miss the deadline and/or all cars have been sold by the time you make up your mind - you DO NOT get the deal.
  • The savings to be made by taking a car within the prescribed deadlines are often in the thousands not hundreds, SO we suggest acting quickly.

You advertise your leases as: "9+23" what does this mean?

  • This is a two year lease.
  • It has a payment profile of: a 9 payment deposit followed by 23 monthly payments.


  • Advertised price: £200+vat (i.e. £240 incl VAT)
  • Deposit: would be 9 x £240 = £2160. * Deposit is also known as the initial rental or advance rental.
  • This deposit is taken by direct debit (by the finance company not us) on the day of delivery.
  • You would then make 23 monthly payments of: £240 incl vat
  • Total cost of ownership is : £240 x 32 = £7680 incl (excluding fees and the finance document fee)

Does the advance rental / deposit get refunded?

  • No, leasing is like any other form of car finance.
  • The deposit reduces the total cost.
  • You put down a deposit and then pay regular monthly payments.
  • With Hire Purchase or PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) you are not refunded your deposit at the end of the agreement. Leasing is exactly the same.

Does the deposit (also called the initial or advanced rental), of 9 payments: mean you only start paying in month ten?

  • No, the advance rental / deposit is taken on the day of delivery
  • Your first monthly payment is then taken by direct debit - one month later.

Do I have to pay 9 rentals in advance or can you lower this initial deposit?

  • You can reduce or increase the deposit to suit your budget/circumstances.
  • You can choose: 1-9 rentals as a deposit
  • Please remember though that if you reduce the deposit it WILL increase the monthly rental.
  • We suggest that if you are "cash rich" then opt for the larger deposit and a lower monthly payment. The exact opposite is true if you have other financial commitments.
  • It is also important to note that very few customers will have credit accepted on a 1+profile (i.e. one rental in advance) UNLESS your credit rating is top notch!

Most of the car leasing deals you advertise are based on 10,000 miles per annum. Can you offer alternative mileages?

  • Yes.
  • The industry tends to advertise in increments of 5,000 miles but you can adjust the mileage in 1000 increments to suit your requirements.

I think I may do 15,000 miles p/annum but I want to keep the monthly cost down. Should I agree the lease on 10,000 miles and simply pay the excess mileage charge at the end?

  • We would advise you to do the exact opposite.
  • If you think you will do 12,000 opt for 12,000 miles NOT 10,000.
  • Excess mileage charges are generally 50% more expensive at the end of the lease.
  • So, it pays to get this right at the outset.


  • 10,000 miles per annum costs: £237+vat per month
  • 15,000 miles per annum costs: £257+vat per month
  • Excess Mileage charge is 9 pence per miles plus vat
  • This means that if you specify 15,000 miles at the outset then the cost per mile is only: £20/5000 miles = 4 pence per mile.
  • So, you are receiving a whopping 6 pence per mile discount for getting it right at the outset.

Do your advertised prices include servicing and maintenance?

  • No
  • The advertised pricing is "non maintained" meaning you need to pay for servicing and maintenance.

Can you quote me on a maintained agreement?

  • Yes, we can, please just ask

What do your maintenance packages include?

  • Service, repairs and tyres.
  • Punctures are NOT covered.
  • The freedom to have the car serviced anywhere you like.

My Car was delivered with xxx miles on it. Does this form part of the contractual mileage?

  • Yes. If you prefer for the car NOT to arrive with mileage on it, please request a transported delivery.
  • The car will arrive on the back of a transporter however you will be charged from £250+vat upwards (cost varies by destination).

Do I have to use the franchised dealer network to service my car?

  • No, most finance companies would prefer you to use the franchised dealer network however they cannot enforce this.
  • You are free to use an independent garage, provided: they are vat registered, they use original manufacturer parts and they have the ability to update the service record. It is best to use a garage who can do this via the cars on board computer system however a paper receipt will satisfy most funders.

I have heard that leasing companies make their money by charging for damage at the end of the lease.

  • This is scaremongering!
  • Leasing companies make their money by procuring cars at a heavily discounted rates, claiming back the vat and then selling the asset at the end of the lease.
  • Their business model is not based on making profit from repairs. If this was the model, they would have no repeat customers!
  • All lease agreements are subject to fair wear and tear.

What constitutes "FAIR WEAR & TEAR" at the end of the lease agreement?

  • The leasing industry has two objective standards:
  • The first is the industry standard: The BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) standard
  • The second is the finance companies own return standard.
  • These standards are VERY prescriptive. They have pictures and measurements (e.g. a dent of 4cm needs repairing whereas a 1cm dent is ok)
  • Fair wear and tear means: you would expect a 2 year old car to look like a two year old car i.e. to have stone chips, slight scuffs and a few water marks on the seats.
  • You would not expect the bumpers to be hanging off, seats burned and stone chips so deep they have reached the metal!
  • Remember: When you lease a car or van, you have a responsibility to return the car or van to the owner (the finance company) in as good a condition as possible.
  • The car will be inspected for damage at the end of the contract and any damage classed as ‘excessive wear and tear’ (for the age of the vehicle) may incur a cost to repair the damage.
  • The BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) guide is once again very prescriptive as to what constitutes fair wear and tear.

How do I prepare my car to ensure I am NOT charged for excessive damage?

  • The car should be returned in a safe & road worthy condition.
  • It should have all appropriate documentation, hand books, keys (both sets) and equipment (like spare wheel, jack and tools etc).
  • The car should have been serviced according to the manufacturers service schedule. All services should have been recorded either on the car’s on board computer or in the provided service booklet. At worst cost you should be in possession of invoices showing the services as having been done.
  • The car should be clean! This is to allow a clear inspection of the vehicle.

The following is a brief guide to fair wear and tear and should NOT be used without the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide and / or the finance companies own fair wear & tear guide.


Acceptable - Small scratches outside of the driver’s line of sight.
Unacceptable - Holes, chips, cracks & scratches in the drivers direct line of sight.


Acceptable - Minor scuffing up to 25mm in length. Wheels must meet minimum legal requirements across 75% of the tyre.
Unacceptable - Scoring & other damage to wheel surface. Damage to side walls or uneven tread wear.

Wing Mirrors

Acceptable - Minor scuffing, provided no paint work is damaged.
Unacceptable - Missing, damaged or cracked wing mirrors.


Acceptable - Minor scuffing up to 25mm in length.
Unacceptable - Deep scuffs, broken paint, dented or heavily cracked.


Acceptable - Small areas of light stone chips. Light scratches (up to 25mm in length), Scratching relative to the vehicle’s age. Dents (up to 10mm in length) providing paint is not broken.
Unacceptable - Stone chips or scratches over 25mm in length, Chips or scratches which have exposed the primer or metal. Rust. Impact damage. Multiple dents on a single panel.


Acceptable - All decals must be removed.
Unacceptable - Glue residue or damage caused by the decal and/or removal of it. i.e. once the decal has been removed you should not have a shadow caused by sunlight, glue residue or damage to the paintwork.

Interior & Upholstery

Acceptable - Interior must be clean and tidy. Slight wear and spoiling (consistent with the age of the car) is acceptable.
Unacceptable - Burns, tears, stains, damage caused by the fitting of optional equipment e.g. mobile phones, sat nav devices etc.

Please remember that different finance companies have their own definition of what constitutes fair wear and tear. You MUST use that companies fair wear and tear guide to prepare your car properly.

Where do you source your new cars?

  • From our UK-based franchised dealer network or directly from the manufacturers.

Do you new cars include a full UK manufacturer’s warranty?

  • Yes

How quickly can you deliver my new car?

  • Depending on the type of vehicle, we can usually deliver within 2-3 weeks from the point of order.
  • If the vehicle is a specialist specification, then we will offer you a confirmed factory build time.
  • Please contact the office to discuss the delivery time for your new vehicle.

How will my new car be delivered?

  • All vehicles we supply are sourced directly from our UK-based franchised dealer network.
  • Most cars are driver delivered.
  • The contract mileage only starts at the point of handover, so you are not disadvantaged
  • Some cars are delivered by truck.

I have just started a business, will I get credit?

  • Most new businesses (under 5 years old) will not secure finance unless a director is willing to agree to a Directors Guarantee.
  • The Directors Guarantee (DG) means that were the business to fail the director would agree to continue paying the lease until its completion.

Do you supply used cars?

  • No
  • There is no point leasing a used car when we can provide you with a brand new one for the same price and in most circumstances less!!

Do you supply vans?

  • Yes

Do you take cars in part-exchange?

  • No

Do you offer test drives?

  • No, you need to pop into your local dealer and do a test drive.

If I lease a car personally will I still benefit from your corporate prices?

  • Yes

How much of my payments can I write off against tax and how much should I spend?

  • We suggest that you consult your accountant and/or financial advisor who will offer specialist advice on how much you have to spend.
  • Once you know what your budget is and you have narrowed your search to a couple of vehicles, that’s when to call us.

Which is the best means of financing my new car?

  • Located in the Information section of the website is a detailed explanation of how the different methods of finance work. Please read through this, speak with your accountant and/or financial advisor and then call us.
  • If you’re still not sure as to the benefits of the various forms of finance, please call the office and we will be glad to advise.

Why do you only have a selective number of brands on the website?

  • We supply all brands however due to the sheer volume of manufacturers available we only advertise certain models.
  •  If you cannot see what you are looking for, call us on 0333 123 0073.

Who do you use for finance?

  • We are backed by several major PLC banks and leasing companies.
  • We only use reputable blue-chip finance companies.
  • We DO NOT deal in the sub prime market

Which form of funding is best for me?

  • Please see our "Useful Links & Info page" for full descriptions and benefits of each method of funding.
  • Alternatively call us and we would be happy to make some suggestions! This varies dependant on whether you are financing the car personally or through the business.
  • We have specific finance forms for each type of financing.

What if I have a bad credit history?

  • We DO NOT get involved in the subprime market so I'm afraid we are not able to assist you.

Should I finance the car personally or through my business?

  • This is not a question we can answer as every business runs it financial affairs differently.
  • We recommend that you speak with your accountant regarding this.

How much of the VAT is recoverable?

  • Recoverable VAT only applies to VAT-qualifying agreements such as Business Contract Hire and Finance Lease. If the car is financed via one of these means of finance and the organisation is VAT registered then the business can, under current legislation reclaim 50% of the VAT on the monthly payment and 100% of the VAT on the maintenance element of the agreement.
  • If the car is used solely for business use, you may be able to reclaim all VAT paid. Please discuss the qualifying criteria with your accountant.

Can I ever buy/own my leased vehicle?

  • If you are looking for ownership at the end of the lease, let us know and we will suggest a form of finance that allows you to purchase the car at the end of the lease.
  • Quite frankly with prestige cars losing 20% of their value per annum there are very few scenarios where we would recommend you do this anyway!
  • If the car will be your last car and / or you plan to drive it into the ground, then it may be worth your while.

If I buy a car through you will my local dealer still service and maintain it?

  • Yes, your local dealer is obliged under their manufacturers franchise agreement to treat you no differently.
  • Besides which your local dealer needs your service revenue!

Do you offer Car Insurance and GAP Insurance?

  • No
  • We focus on what we do best: leasing cars. We are not interested in "upsells"